Hello! Productions

By LogoMan36

Background: Hello! Productions is a production company started on October 15, 1978. They made their first television broadcast on December 13, 1978, but they did not use a proper logo until December 20, 1978. On April 7, 1981, the company was owned by The Kendai Group. From that point on, Hello! Productions produced animated Kendai shows like F1, The Goobers, David Craig's Funnies (only the shorts), and The Bimbos. On September 4, 1994, Hello! Productions was owned by News Corporation alongside Kendai Pictures, Kendai Television, Kendai Television Service, Kendai Cartoons, and all 20th Century Fox companies. After 1994, Hello! Productions still makes animated Kendai shows.

1st Logo
(December 13, 1978)
Hello! Productions (1978)
Logo: On a black background is the text "COPYRIGHT 1978 HELLO! PRODUCTIONS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." in the Agency FB font. The text is located at the very bottom of the screen.

Effects: Just the fade-in and fade-out.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Extremely rare/near extinction. Only appears on the pilot episode of The Bob McTruce Show.

Scare Factor: None to minimal. The dark background may scare a person. But the next logo is a bit more scary...

2nd Logo
(December 20, 1978-March 27, 1981)
Hello! Productions (1978, 1979 Copyright)
Nickname: "The Early Rectangle"

Logo: On a black background we see a beige rectangle with the words "HELLO!" and "productions" on it. "HELLO!" is in the font used in the previous logo, Agency FB, and "productions" is in the Lucida Calligraphy font. The rectangle shakes a bit to reveal "Copyright (YEAR) Hello! Productions" at the bottom in Lucida Calligraphy, also.

Effects: The logo shaking, the copyright information appearing.

Cheesy Factor: The logo shaking looks amateurish.

Music/Sounds: A man yelling "HELLO!!!" Also, if you hear very closely, you can hear a shaking sound.

Availability: More common than the previous logo, but still rare. Can be found on Season 1-4 episodes of The Bob McTruce Show.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, thanks to the man yelling "HELLO!!!" and the logo shaking. But the next logo is even worse...

3rd Logo
(April 7, 1981-December 19, 1998)

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