Hardtronaut Films

Background: This was a short-lived comedy film company.


Nicknames: "The Astronaut (of Doom)", "Astronaut, What Are You Doing?", "Evil Astronaut"

Logo: On a space background, we see an astronaut floating and singing from left to right. The astronaut appears again, but this time he gets closer to the camera until we see only his helmet, and then he hits the camera in a violent way, making random glitches to occur. The glitches dissapear, and we see the white text "HARDTRONAUT" and "FILMS" in the same space background. The words zoom in slowly.

FX/SFX: The actions of the astronaut, the glitches and the zooming of the text.

Music/Sounds: The astronaut singing a song, and then a dramatic sting during the hitting/glitch part.

Availability: Rare. Seen on the VHead series, Election War!, Green Day, Watchout! There's A Corner Ahead!, Kevin Toast: He's Alive! and Chuck Dexter.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare. The second half of the logo (the hitting/glitch part) has scared many people, even if they're not expecting it, and it's not funny unlike the company's movies. Low for these who are used to it.

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