Gohan's dream logos

NOTE: I made this page to store all of my dream logos and variations across this site, instead of getting them mixed up with all the others people have made, as I have seen on some of the dream logo pages. Nothing much really, but I will be submitting all of my dream logos and variations here from now on. That is all :)

All of my Dream logos:
Riley Productions
Anime Productions
Rika Films
The R
Many more to come

My Dream logo variations: Quite a decent amount of them, still working on it... (WIP)

Universal Pictures
The Broken down Betamax (2002): The 1997 logo plays, but it has a video-like look and it is shifted off center.
Dragon Ball Z: War On Namek (1995): The 1990 logo plays, but the globe is replaced by Namek. After that, we zoom into the planet for the opening.
Embrace the Darkness (1988): The 1963-90 logo is seen, but it is extremely dark. After that, it fades out.
Nighttime Activities (2004): The modern logo plays, but the background is completely dark and no stars can be seen. Only the light from the globe is the general brightness.
Warner Bros.
The Batman/Superman Movie 2 (2001): The 1980s Warner bros logo appears, but it then morphs into a combination of the Batman and Superman logos. It is also superimposed over a midnight blue background.
Crossbow Hell (1982): The pre-1984 movie logo is in a dark-blue/purple colour
A Winter Wonderland (1986): There is snow falling around the 1984 logo, which is half buried. The Warner Communications logo can be made up under the snow, but it is in a different font.

20th Century Fox
Derp Issues (2000): The 1994 logo plays as usual, except that Fox has been replaced with Derp, so it reads "20th Century Derp"
A great Chicago day (1982): The 1981 logo plays, but the notable difference is that Chicagocan be seen in the background, and the tower itself is on some-kindof island. At the end, it zooms out to show that it is a postcard.

Touchstone Pictures

A Saiyan's Pride (1990): The 1984 logo plays, but when the lightning strikes, SSJ Vegeta can briefly be seen in the background, looking at the camera
GTA: The Movie (2000): The snake logo animates, but gangster cars are seen driving around the logo as it plays, and gunshots can be heard. Eventually, police cars come in at the end and chase them away.
Crystal Stars in the River (1988): The snake logo is seen, except that the colour is dark purple instead of blue. At the end, a waterdrop comes down and makes a ripple, causing the lightning bolt to appear instead of a flash.
Magical Game Night (1991): We have the "neon polar bear" logo animating, except that the whole logo looks like something out of a video game. The brightness has been increased, it has a black background and the polar bear stands (like the longer variant)
Toby and Johnny's Great Adventure (2001): There is the "space polar bear" logo appearing as usual, except the two main characters are seen on a rocket ship flying around the logo, saying "Isn't this fun? Our adventure will surely be great!"

The V of Doom resentment (1987-93)
Note: Since the V of doom is a scary logo, I decided to do this and create these variants to poke fun at the logo :3
The V of doom plays like usual, but it then stops halfway through due to a mechanical failure. A robot then comes in and proceeds to fix the logo. After that, the V of doom then zooms up to the screen incredibly fast and explodes.
One variant had the V of doom in crimson red as it played, with the psycho theme playing on the background as it approached. One person can be heard saying "Look out! It's coming for us!!!"
Another variant had the videotaped V of doom play, but then 2 soldiers come up and blow it up with an RPG and machine gun fire. After that, one of them says "That puts an end to that menace..."

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Mario Bros (1993-96): There was 3 different variants on this show. The first had the V of happiness seen, except it was in a mixture of red and green, which was Mario and Luigi's colours. Then, Mario can be heard saying "Let's a go!"
The next variant was a closing. It had the Pinball logo playing, only difference was that the background went from red to green and then a mixture of red/green altogether when it finished. Also, Mario and Luigi's hats could be seen on the logo.
The third variant had the V of steel animate as usual, but after it does, Mario comes in with his hammer and starts destroying the logo. Luigi follows in persuit and after they have wrecked it, coins fly out of the logo. Mario and Luigi collect them all, and they both say "Viacom sucks!"

Paramount Pictures
A trip to Vice City (1984): The 1975 logo plays as usual. At the end, it zooms out to reveal that it is a banner on a plane.
When released on VHS, there was a special version of the 1982-88 Paramount video logo, which said “Coming soon from” above it. There was also some special bumpers included as well.
The greatest day on earth (1986): The 75th anniversary logo plays, but when it finishes, a comet can be seen flying over the mountain. Also, it’s zoomed out so we can see the lake. One of the first films to use the 1986 logo.
Embrace the Darkness (1988): The 1986 logo is extremely dark, something you would likely see because of film deterioration.
The Broken down Betamax (2002): The 1968 logo appears, but it has a video-like look and it is shifted off center. It also has the Viacom byline.
Goku’s Big Movie (2003): The 2002 logo plays, but Goku is seen riding on the nimbus with the stars. When the logo finishes Goku lands on the mountain and says “Yo!” when the Viacom byline appears.
On TV spots, the stars are replaced with dragon balls.
Vegeta’s game (2005): The 1999 version of the 1986 logo plays, but Vegeta can be seen sitting on the mountain. He then flies off, and the camera pans straight down to start the movie.
The closing version is the same, except Vegeta is flying back to the mountain and sits back on it, like the logo is playing in reverse. This was also seen on the TV spots.

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