Get Your Own Soulsilver! Productions

Background: Get Your Own Soulsilver! Productions was a company formed in 2010 when the Pokémon Lugia accidentally destroys the Goldenrod Radio Tower with an Aeroblast. It is originally a radio tower remade, this company not only produces several radio shows, but many anime series such as One Piece and Flint: The Time Detective.

1st (and only) Logo
(November 2, 2010-)

Nickmames: "The Funniest Video of Doom", "WAAAAAAHHHH!!!", "What the Heck is Going On!?", "Lugia Kills Something at the End!"

Logo: In the black background, a ViD mask started singing "I like-a mushrooms!" in Mario's (Charles Martinet) voice. Then the SSF appeared, but he said, "HEY LOOK! IT'S-A HIM! MARIO! HAHAHAHA!" followed by Nickelodeon Pinchface shouting "Haha! It's-a me!". Then Mario stands next to the Ultimate Enterprise Studios "Face and Teeth Thing" logo, saying "Welcome to Ultimate Enterprise Studios!" Then Luigi comes up, saying "Hello, brother! Can I press the button to see the logo" Mario said "Don't press that! It'll scare the viewers!" The warbling music then plays and Luigi screamed and said, "PEACH! MARIO'S GOT A SCARY ULTIMATE ENTERPRISE STUDIOS LOGO!". It was followed by Mega Man being chased by the Closet Killer logo. Then it cut to a Sonic X episode where Sonic and Tails laughs at the V Of Doom logo scaring Cream. Wario destroyed the SSF by stomping on it, TheShinyMew was glad, Bowser summoned Reshiram and Zekrom to scare away the S from Heck from Kirby, which caused Meta Knight to accedentaly kill the Dynamikun logo! The Dynamikun face had a headstone... but Yoshi destorys the Zoooming H-B logo from scaring Baby Mario. Then Luigi appeared out of nowhere, killing Pinchface. Then the words "GET YOUR OWN SOULSILVER! PRODUCTIONS" fades in, along with a byline reading "This is a division of Super Jump Punch!", but at the end of logo get destroyed by Lugia with an Aeroblast.

Trivia: This logo was a only logo to be played about three minutes, making it the longest logo ever played.

All animations in the logo, but it seems to be based off the dream logo ShyGuyToybox saw.

All sounds in the logo.

Availability: GIGA-COMMON! It can be seen on every anime in the universe such as Voltron, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and such.

Scare Factor: SUPER-NIGHTMARE, because of the SSF, the ViD Mask, Pinchface, the Dynamikun face, and the UES Face on the Teeth Thing with a music. But this appears to be super-funny and the scare factor gets lower and lower on someone who loves to see this. You'll also like hear the word "mushrooms" from the ViD Mask if you're expected to hear. The scare factor gets to none if you like to see your favorite Super Smash Brothers characters.

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