Garfield Pictures

Editions by PaPaLuigi

(This is an example for a dream logo template.)

Note: Since March 28th, 2009, Garfield Pictures has been the owner of Allstar Releasing.

1st Logo:
(February 2005-Present)

Nicknames: "Garfield Does K-rah-tay", "Garfield's K-O", "Garfield and the Butterfly", "The Penguins of Garfield", "Garfield's Version of 'Rock Never Dies'"

Logo: We see the movie version Garfield sitting on a orange bench on a Spring-like BG. A butterfly fly by him and lands on Garfield's nose. The butterfly fly away. Garfield chases after it. We can see the text "GARFIELD PICTURES" in orange, can be seen forming out of things you might see from the season, Spring behind Garfield and the butterfly. Once we pass a orange house, we see the text GARFIELD PICTURES, now on a white floor and wall BG. The text "Your Cat's Favorite Entertainment" or "Is The Cat's Meow On Entertainment" fades in below the logo in the same color of the logo. Garfield comes out of nowhere, K-Oing the logo and the text. He then says either of the following:

Opening: "Hello. You are now watching a Garfield Pictures presentation. Enjoy the show.
Closing: "Now that was a Garfield Pictures presentation. Did you enjoy the show? Excellent. Bye for now.".

Trivia: Or for some DVDs, he says: "Thank you for buying or renting this DVD. Did you know that every little penny is useful for anything? Every little penny you give us helps our company grow big. Now please, (chuckles) enjoy the show.".

When a show shows in theaters, he says: "Welcome to The (Says name of theater). You are now watching a Garfield Pictures presentation. Now please, enjoy the following show from your local theater, (Says name of theater) of (city, state).

FX: Everything. It's all good CGI. There is some live action too for the Spring-like background and things.

Cheesy Factor: CHEESE ME BABY! This is good CGI!

Music: Some sounds that you might hear from the season Spring, then when Garfield chases the butterfly and the logo forms, a remix of the music for theme song for the show The Penguins of Madagascar's pilot episode, Gone in a Flash. After Garfield K-Os the logo, we hear a part of a Rock 'n Roll song, "Rock Never Dies".

Availability: Current. The first film to show it was "Cat-O-Rama!".

Scare Factor: Low to medium, Garfield K-Oing the logo and the music might get you off guard.