Frederator Studios

Background: Frederator Studios is a real company. Real logos can be found here:

6th Logo

Nicknames: "Frederator Bird", "Freddi the Bird"

Logo: Against a blue city background with a wire, we see a red bird landing on that wire. Then the bird started shouting the company name as the words "FREDRATOR STUDIOS" appears above her.

Trivia: This logo made a surprise appearance at least one Rockin' Adults! episode "Tommy and the Return of Reptar" by an accident.

FX/SFX: The bird landing and shouting.

Music/Sounds: Techno music followed by a bird (voiced by Grey DeLisle) shouting "FREDERATOR!" with the same voice heard in the 2nd logo.

Availability: This logo's first appearance was the 2011 film Chalkzone Gets Magical, and it appeared on the final episodes of Chalkzone: The Next Generation as well. It now appears on newer Frederator shows and films, starting with the film Xtermanics, which was released on January 2, 2013. In Chalkzone Gets Magical, this logo would be seen after the Ultimate Enterprise Studios "Snap" logo. It also appears on newer episodes of
Another Secret Squirrel Series and Super Mario Galaxy on Qubo and The Hub, on both shows seen after the 2004-present Squirrel/Mole Studios logo.

Scare Factor: Same as the 2nd logo; the bird shouting "FREDERATOR!" could catch you off-guard.

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