Fox Animation


Logo: We see a pencil falling onto a white background. It draws the 20th Century Fox structure, erases part of it, and draws "ANIMATION" (looking much like the "SEARCHLIGHT" in the Fox Searchlight logo) below "FOX". Paint seeps down from the top, colorizing the picture (in a 2D cartoony fashion). The News Corporation byline fades in below.

SFX: All of the animation.

Music: The 20th Century Fox fanfare.

Availability: Uncommon. Can Be Seen On Next Week.

Scare Factor: None.


Logo: On a White background, we See the Blue Sky Studios Logo fall from the sky, rolls on the ground, and Shrink. The Structure (See Logo 1) Pixelates in
as the background, and "a" and "company" fades in on the left and right of the BSS logo. The News Corporation byline draws itself in with a lazer.

SFX: Good CGI Not By Fox Animation, But By Blue Sky Studios.

Music: Soud Effects That Match The Logo, And The 20CF Fanfare When The Logo Appears.

Availability: Current. Can Be Seen On Get Schooled, and The Ice Age: The Series TV-Movie "The BreakDown".

Fox Cable Networks

Logo: We see a searchlight pan across the screen in a 1997 20th Century Fox background. This reveals a giant TV set in Fox structure-esque position. It has static that clears up, revealing the FX logo. We zoom up to the set and the FX logo swirls around, along with a Fox Movies logo ("Fox Movies" was the former Fox Movie Channel, and it's logo is a sleek, gold Fox structure with the Fox network logo on top and "MOVIES" below in a bold sans-serif font), a Fox News logo (formerly Fox News Channel, and it's logo is a light blue sphere with a dark blue "FOX" in it's logo font and "NEWS" in a serif font below; this logo also represents Fox Business Network), a Fox Sportsnet logo (whose logo is a red italic Fox logo, with "SPORTSNET" in a scoreboard font below; this logo also represents SPEED Channel, FUEL TV, Fox College Sports and Fox Soccer Channel), and a Fox Reality logo (exactly like the current logo but the Fox logo is bigger). They converge and form a Fox logo, with "CABLE NETWORKS" below.


Music/Sounds:The 1997 Fox fanfare,except it is more majestic than before.


Scare Factor:So far it is none.