Flip-Flop Productions

Background: Flip-Flop was formed in 1964 as a production company.

1st Logo

Logo:The word "Flip-Flop" slide in. The letter A and the word "Production" fly in above and below respectively.

FX/SFX:The sliding.

Music/Sounds:The opening theme of the show.


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2nd Logo

Nickname:"Flip-Flop Octagon"

Logo:On a blue gradient background, we see the Flip-Flop Octagon flipping in. The logo stops flipping, then "Productions" appears.

  • Onearly episodes ofDon't Be Cheeky, the logo is still.
  • On some shows, when the logo stops flipping, "Presents" appears below the logo. This was presented as the alternate version.
FX/SFX:The flipping.

Cheese Factor:The flipping is very dated. Along with that, "Productions" is a bit hard to read.

Music/Sounds:The opening theme of the show or none.

Availability:Ultra rare, this was retained onDon't Be Cheeky which was aired on the 3ducate Channel.Some shows including the normal and the alternate version where not reran for many years.

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3rd Logo

Nicknames:"Flip-Flop Octagon II", "Simple Flip-Flop Octagon"

We see a the Flip-Flop logo from before zooming in on a red background. Lasers then come shooting out of the logo and the word "Production" fades in.

Variant:On later episodes of Don't Be Cheeky, the logo is already formed.

The zooming and fading.

Same as before.

Availability:Scarce, the logo is still retained on 3ducate airings ofDon't Be Cheeky.

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4th Logo

Nicknames:"Flip-Flop Octagon III", "Country Flip-Flop"

Logo:On footage of rural areas, a 3D octagon is seen forming from shapes. The text "Flip-Flop" slides in. A glow is formed. The logo shines.

FX/SFX:The zooming, the fading, the shining, the glowing.

An orchestrated and calm 14-note tune

OnDon't Be Cheeky,the logo is already formed before the opening credits.


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5th Logo

Nicknames:"The Flip-Flop Octagon IV", "Country Flip-Flop II"

Logo:A enhanced version of the previous logo. This time, the footage doesn't fade out, and the company's name is thinner.

FX/SFX:Same as before.

Music/Sounds:Same as before.

Availability:Rare, seen only on 14 episodes of The Six O'Clock Nose.

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6th Logo

"The Flip-Flop Octagon V"

Logo:On a black gradient BG, the screen flashes, and we see a textured octagon-like shape with the Flip-Flop logo carved on it. While we zoom out, many lines form "Productions" in a skinny font. The circle/logo shines.

Trivia:This was used as a national ID for their channel, without the "Productions" byline. Eventually, the URL for their website "www.FlipFlopProductions.com".

Variants:OnDon't Be Cheeky, the logo is already formed before the opening credits.

FX/SFX: Everything.

A triumphant piano fanfare. Sometimes with the opening theme of the show playing on it.

Music/Sounds Variant:On Don't Be Cheeky, the logo is silent.

Availability:Rare, seen onThe Six O'Clock Nose,Don't Be Cheeky, the comedy showWhat's That Ear?,and all shows having this logo.

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7th Logo

Nickname:"Silver Flip-Flop"

We see a silver 3D Flip-Flop logo with "Productions" below it. The outlined octagon, suddenly, glows one time. While this happens, the word "Flip-Flop" glows and appears, and "Productions" does the same thing.

On Don't Be Cheeky, the logo is not moving before the opening credits (see previous logo).


An ascending synth tune.

Uncommon, seen on shows and TV movies just like Dancing in Air, Don't Be Cheeky,The Six O'Clock Nose, There and There, Did You?, and much more.

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8th Logo

Nicknames:"Flip-Flop Skyline", "The Flip-Flop City"

Logo:We see city footage and the camera pans. The name of the company then forms.


Music/Sounds:Calm Piano music.

Availability:Current, the logo still appears on episodes ofDon't Be Cheeky,Did You?,and much more.

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