Flatline Studios

Background: Flatline Studios was founded in 1988, as a producer of low-budget comedic and humorous splatter films. Today, the studio is one of the world's largest producers of splatstick films.

1st Logo
Flatline Pictures - 1989Flatline Pictures - Red Version
Logo: On a black background, we see a small green dot snake across the screen from the left of the screen and form three waves as seen on an EKG machine. The waves fade and repeat two more times. Then the dot draws a straight line from left to right, representing a flatline. Then, the word "FLATLINE" appears above the line in a green Impact font, with the word "Pictures" appearing below the line in a grey Souvenir font. The finished logo looks like this:



  • In some films, the logo will be red instead of green.
  • In some films, the logo will be still.

FX: The dot drawing the EKG waves.

Cheesy Factor: Simplistic animation.

Music/Sounds: A beep is heard when each EKG wave is formed. A rock 'n roll riff when the flatline is formed, and fades out a second after the logo fades out.

Availability: Can commonly be found on movies released by Flatline Studios, including popular hits such as "Orgy of Death" (1991), "The Funhouse" (1994), "Zombies Ate the Principal" (1998), "The Wackious World of Mr. Hackenman" (2000), and "Sorority Hunters" (2003). The red variant is usually seen at the beginning of the controversial, yet popular "Real Time Pokemon Killas" movies.

Scare Factor: Medium. The beeping, rock tune, animations, and dark atmosphere have unnerved more than a few.

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