Firestar Productions

Firestar Productions was founded in 1974 as Lorimar Television. In 1995, Eyriesink was interested in buying Lorimar from TimeWarner. A lawsuit was filed from TimeWarner to Eyriesink. The lawsuit was settled out of court for five thousand dollars, and Eyriesink bought Lorimar and renamed the company's television division Feline Pheonix, and their motion picture division Sandra Hawkings, after one of the workers that worked at Eyriesink. All of Lorimar's other divisions were made defunct to save money. In 1999, Eyriesink and Malamute merged to create MalamiteInk, who now owned Sandra Hawkings and Feline Pheonix. Then, in 2003, MalamiteInk fired Victoria Holmes from writing their television shows, who then went to HarperCollins with Warrior Cats, which was originally going to be a tv series at Feline Pheonix. They renamed Feline Pheonix to Fireheart Productions a couple months later to cash in on their former worker's creation. Later, they renamed the company Firestar Productions when the Darkest Hour came out. HarperCollins has tried to sue MalamiteInk many times about this, but everytime the case gets thrown out of court. Firestar Productions is still owned by MalamiteInk.


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