Background: FAX (short for "Film and Arts eXpanded) is a channel dedicated to film and the arts. It was formed following a merger between the subscription network Tele-Scope and the art-centric Fine-Arts Network which was sharing channel space with an unknown ABC affiliate in 1985, organized by Charon Communications who owned both. Due to viewer erosion, Charon felt it was necessary to merge both networks and form a 24-hour cable network. Both networks continued to operate separately a year after the merged network formed (originally as FAN-Tele-Scope), but following a name change, both networks were taken off the air. The ABC affiliate overtook FAN's position on their network and Tele-Scope was replaced with the newly formed FAX. FAX gained notoriety through its promotional campaigns where they made fun of networks for drastically altering their format to gain higher ratings which enabled immense viewership between the late 80s and mid-2000s. However, due to a lack of successful original programs and increased competition between similar programs, the network was promptly shut down. It continued running until the beginning of 2010 where it was pulled from the air for good.


1st Logo

Logo: It's simply the text "TELE-SCOPE" in purple, with the name of the state the network is in.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None. However, whenever anyone attempts to hack the descrambler box to access the network, an anti-piracy announcer is heard.

Availability: Extinct.
2nd Logo

Logo: We see a circle made up of golden stars zoom back. Various other stars form, overtaking the screen. The screen soon clears and we see a giant circle containing a star and "TELE-SCOPE" in a box beneath the star form via chyron effects. The entire logo rapidly changes from gold to white to black.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Everything, done with cheap chyron and scanimation techniques.

Music/Sounds: A funky disco theme.

Availability: Extremely rare. Preserved at the end of Behind the Doorepisodes from the period which were reran on FAX.

Fine-Arts Network

NOTE: This network never had an on-screen logo. Programs from the period used a copyright notice and a generic bug during programs.

1st Logo

Logo: Same as the second Tele-Scope logo, only difference is that the logo is replaced with the big letters "F, A and X", with a triangle in place of the A.

FX/SFX: Same as the second Tele-Scope logo.

Music/Sounds: Originally the same as the second Tele-Scope logo, but in later years featured a triumphant orchestrated theme.

Availability: Used as a prototype logo before FAX officially went on the air. It replaced the Tele-Scope logo at the end of Behind the Times episodes from the period.

2nd Logo
Logo:On a black background, a glowing outline of a flattened Earth in the Van der Grinten style zooms out with a chyron trail effect, rotating while doing so. The letters "F", "A", and "X" wipe in one-by-one. All three have a moving "rainbow" effect to them and are in the same style as the previous logo. The world map in the background turns black, the background turns white, and FAX turns yellow.
Variant: The end product is shown on a yellow background. This was still.
FX/SFX: The chyron trail and text.
Music/Sounds:A calming 3-note synthesizer theme (which sounds like a voice saying "Video"), then a chorus of singers saying the letters as they appear.
Availability: Both versions appeared on Behind the Door episodes from the period (with the animated version appearing at the beginning and the variant appearing at the end.)
3rd Logo

Logo:On a black background we see a faint blue haze which widens and whitens as it opens from the top. The planet earth with black continents and a sparkle on top rises from below, situates itself on top when it is in full view and starts to rotate. The white letters F, A, and X swoop in from the left center and right sides of the screen respectively and settle beneath the earth. A grey rhombus with COMMUNICATIONS in red flips up and a red rectangle fades in on the left side of the F and three lines shoot from it and stop on the opposing side. The rectangle becomes segmented as a result. Everything vanishes leaving a growing spark which gives way to a yellow circle. The earth from before appears and spins. The FAX logo from before fades in from it's previous position and the FAX text rises to the middle and the yellow text "THE PRIME NETWORK FOR CINEMA AND THE ARTS" fades in below.
Variant: An early version featured the FAX logo in the same font from the previous logos zooming in and the regular animation continues as such.
FX/SFX: Everything.
Music/Sounds:A synth dissolution sounder with three deep drum notes followed by four light droning notes and three light drum notes. A dark choir is then heard with more drum notes and synth notes. Then it goes to a triumphant theme with synthesized horns and drums.
Availability: Same as above.

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