Excuse Me Productions

Background: Excuse Me Productions, formerly a subsidiary of Bart Simpson Productions (from 1998-2007), is a production company founded by A.W John in 1982. Excuse Me Productions produced a number of hit shows, including Crippy-Pasta, and Carl the Creeper.

1st Logo
Excuse Me Productions (1983-1987)
NIckname: "Sihlouettes"

Logo: We see a human sihlouette walk up to another human sihlouette and says "Excuse Me!". The other guy says "Productions", and then
the Excuse Me Productions logo (1983-1987) come up on a black background, and it says

Excuse Me

FX: The sihlouettes, the Excuse Me productions logo, and the background fading to black.

Trivia: The idea for this logo was to have a muskrat say "Excuse Me" to a lion which would accordingly say "Productions", and eat
the muskrat. This logo was also made by a former Disney artist.

Cheesy Factor: Medium. The animation is kind of choppy. The sihlouettes, however, look unrealistic too. (hey, it was the 80's, duh)

Music/SFX: A British sounding voice for the guy that says "Excuse Me!" and a computer-ish voice for the other guy that says "Productions".
In the background there is also a violin melody playing.

Availibility: Uncommon. Appeared on Snow Antics.

Scare Factor: Minimal to Low. The animation, and the voices can get somebody a little disturbed, however this logo really isn't that

2nd Logo
Excuse Me Productions (1987-1994

Nicknames: "Rectangle of Boredom" "The Rectangle"

Logo: We see a still frame of a yellow box with the words:

Excuse Me

Like the previous logo, we hear the men say "Excuse Me" and "Productions", however, we do not see the sihlouettes.
The logo then fades to black.

FX: The fading in and out.

Cheesy Factor: Minimal. The logo is a still frame, but the fade in and fade out effects are choppy.

Music/SFX: See the previous logo.

Availibility: Somewhat rare. It appeared on early episodes of People of the Earth
, but most of the time, this logo would
be replaced with the 2001 logo.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

3rd Logo


4th Logo


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