Euclid Pictures Inc.

Background: In 1981, Euclid (pronounced ook-LID) Pictures was formed in a bedroom apartment in Cleveland, Ohio which of course the name of the company was including the name of a street in that city (Euclid Avenue) by producers Alisha Zasky and Gabe Kupo. During the Stacey Thurman Show (1987-90) days, Euclid Pictures produced the animated Simmons shorts, consisting of 48, before The Simmons became a full-time network series in 1989. After those initial skits, Euclid Pictures worked with Great Structure Television and Bert Gregory to produce the first 3 seasons of the animated sitcom until 1992, when Film Ottoman took over production. In 1990, the company cuts a production deal with Homer Simpson and there they made the cable network's most successful animated series, Bronx Babies (August 11, 1991-June 8, 2004). After that, Euclid Pictures made other successful animated shows such as Thornton in the Jungle (September 1, 1998-June 11, 2004), NO! Not Actual Monsters (October 29, 1994-March 28, 1999), Missle Power (August 16, 1999-´╗┐July 30, 2004), Martha's Rules (October 25, 2000-´╗┐November 14, 2006), Everyone Grown Up (April 12, 2003-August 17, 2008), Gooseman (for America Network and Empire Television) and The Beautiful Adventures of Bucky the Badger (a promoted cartoon available exclusively at University of Wisconsin from 1998 to early 2001). The company currently produces Detective vs. Detective cartoons for Cartoon Network's ANGRY.

1st Logo
(September 15, 1990-December 19, 1998, October 20, 2002-March 1, 2003)

Nicknames: "The (Dancing) Lines", "Scribbles", "The Personification of all that is Cheesy", "Weird Stuff", "Weird Euclid Pictures"

Logo: On a white BG with shapes that change frequently, we see squares sliding to the left. One has cubic shapes forming a E, a jump rope forming a U, an orange fuzzy shape forming a C, a stick forming an L, buttons forming a lowercase I and dancers juming and forming a D, all of which occur at a very fast pace. The next seven squares have a scribble writing the stenciled "PICTURES" on them (in Helvetica). After this, we zoom out so the boxes are arranged with "EUCLID" on top of "PICTURES". "INC" appears next to "PICTURES" letter by letter. The logo turns black and white while the D turns purple a second later.

  • A still version of the logo (with graffiti still dancing) was spotted on Frustrated Earl.
  • An abridged version with higher pitched music was used on Gooseman.
  • An in-credit variation was on Carl and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Extremely Bad Day on BHO Storybook Musicals.
  • A version exists on NO! Not Actual Monsters where the logo fades out early and the music trails off into the Homer Simpson "tractor" logo.
  • A still version with no graffiti in the background along with more clear lettering was spotted on the video game Bronx Babies: Search for Rector.
FX/SFX: The animations in the logo.

Cheesy Factor
: The animation is bad, some of the letter animations are choppy, so many random sound effects that you don't hear on other 90's closing logos, and the graffiti is bad. Also, why does the logo turn black and white anyway?

Music/Sounds: While the letters scroll, we hear a lot of random sound effects due to the various activities going on in the logo. It culminates with a dog barking and 15 descending bass notes, and it ends with some weird synthesized sounds. In early years, there were extra SFX playing, such as a scribbling sound when "PICTURES" is formed. In exceptional cases, it used only the closing theme on some shows, like Frustrated Earl

and at least one Bronx Babies episode.

Availability: Currently seen on Bronx Babies episodes from the era on HomerCartoons, DVD and VHS including episodes from season eight excluding Preschool Daze when it was used as a placeholder between the next logo and the final logo. Preserved on DVDs of Gooseman, DVDs and VHS tapes of Santa Anto and VHS tapes and digital downloads of NO! Not Actual Monsters. The in-credit variant appears on Carl and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Extremely Bad Day on BHO Storybook Musicals on BHO Family which was actually where this logo premiered.. Also seen on early episodes of Thornton in the Jungle.

Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:

  • Medium; the cut from the credits to the logo is jarring, and the random sound effects may catch you off guard, but it's an OK logo otherwise.
  • Low with the end of the show's theme playing.
  • None for the in-credit variant.
Of course, this is nothing compared to the follow-up...

2nd Logo
(October 8, 1998-October 20, 2008)

Nicknames: "Extremely Scary Face", "(The) ESF", "Robot", "The Random Face", "Blob Face", "The Face from Hell", "The Face of Doom", "The Personification of All That Is Evil" "It's just a face, it's not going to kill us or anything like that", "Evil Drunk Blob"

ogo: Over a purple background, a blob of black ink emerges from the center, soon followed by sky blue ink. A hand passes by and drops magazine clippings of eyes and a mouth onto the blob. The mouth says the company name as white blocks fly out from the mouth. The blocks arrange themselves to form the Euclid logo (like before, but refined to match the print logo). After that, two black blocks quickly slide from the top and bottom of the screen (covering up both the background and the face, but not the Euclid blocks), and that also turns the "D" in "EUCLID" purple. This logo comes in two versions: a widescreen 16:9 version (for movies) and a fullscreen 4:3 version (for TV).

Trivia: Strangely, this logo appeared on early airings of the MopMan episode "Wet Paintings/The Loney Lobster Training Video". It was an editing mistake made by Homer Simpson when they first started doing the split-screen credits. (How? Well, normally, Homer makes custom split-screen credits for each toon and it's producers. Well, Euclid was the only one that produced multiple Homer Cartoons and Homer created a generic one for these shows. (which mentioned Zasky and Kupo as producers and included the face) But on the said episode of MopMan, Homer flubbed and used the Euclid split screen credits for that episode and that's why the ESF was used.) As of 2006, the logo is plastered by the United Plopton Pictures logo on repeat airings (which was in the original credits to begin with) Still, it is one of the oddest editing mistakes ever made, next to a odd byline-less HC Swirling Sun appearing on Zero Gravo a while ago.

Variant: Some games with the Bronx Babies license have a still logo which completely skips the face and has a slightly bigger logo, with all of the boxes and letters in "EUCLID" (except for the D) are medium gray and with the letters in "PICTURES" white, and which also adds "INC." (like in the first logo) to the right of "PICTURES".

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The face looks creepy, the CGI is cheap, and we hear random sound effects again. None for the video game variant.

Music/Sounds: A "splattering" sound when the ink appears, and a bouncy "beeping" version of the 15-note bass jingle from the 1991 logo plays during the face's screen time. The company name is stated in a robotic voice (hence the "Robot" nickname, the voice was supplied by the "Boing" novelty voice in the the text-to-speech program on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X). After the company logo appears, we hear a couple of cartoon sound effects: a lip-flapping sound, a goose honking, and a boing sound. On The Bronx Babies Movie, the music is in warp-speed as the logo fades to black. None for the video game variant.

Availability: Was common in the past, but not so much any more. It can be found on episodes such as those of later Bronx Babies seasons (not counting the 2002 and the final season, they used the previous logo and the next logo respectively) starting in 1999, Missle Power, Thornton in the Jungle, Martha's Rules and on Everyone Grown Up, the first two currently airing on HomerCartoons and the latter airing on Homer Simpson. The first use of this logo was in the extremely rare animated series The Beautiful Adventures of Bucky the Badger. This logo was used on Euclid films from The Bronx Babies Movie to Europeans (which used this logo at the end) (not counting Bronx Babies Gone Wild!, which used the next logo below), and it's also at the company's website too, everything in this logo from the introductory splash to the face saying the company's name can be found on the main page when first being browsed. The other variant appears on Bronx Babies video games, among others. Newer shows and episodes have the next logo below.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare; the face looks like something right out of a nightmare and the rest of the logo is random and disjointed. Children will probably find the logo nightmare-inducing, though adults might find it merely annoying. None for the still variant, as it completely skips the face altogether, which makes it a LOT less scary.

3rd Logo
(February 22, 2003-June 8, 2004, October 20, 2008- )

Nicknames: "The Rooster", "Crazy Rooster", "The Collision of Pathé and Euclid Pictures"
Logo: On a green city skyline, we see a rooster's silhouette on one of the buildings. The sun rises, and the rooster wakes up and opens its eyes. It yells "WAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUP!!!" as the blocks in the Euclid logo float around. When the rooster is finished screaming, the sun brightens, as the rooster mysteriously disappears and the Euclid logo appears in the center. It looks "grungier" than the one in the past two logos.

Trivia: This logo appeared on a second season episode of Chalktown in a similar fashion as the previous mistake.

FX/SFX: All CGI animation.

Cheesy Factor: The CGI animation for the rooster seems a little tacky and it is kinda hard to hear the rooster's yelling with the loud music blaring.

Music/Sounds: A techno theme that appears to be yet another remix of the 1991 logo's music. The "Euclid Pictures" computer vocal from the "ESF" logo is heard at the end.

Availability: This logo's first appearance was the 2003 film Bronx Babies Gone Wild!
and it appeared on the final episodes of Bronx Babies as well. It now appears on newer Euclid shows and films, starting with the film Europeans, which was released on October 20, 2008.

Scare Factor: None to low; the rooster screaming, "WAAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUUP!!" can startle unexpected viewers, otherwise just plain harmless, and an improvement over the previous logo. This is perhaps Euclid's best logo by far, even though the first one is more memorable.

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