Ender-Wonder Productions

1st Logo
Logo:Basically an in-credit logo reading "AN ENDER WONDER PRESENTATION"
Music/Sounds:The end theme of the show.
Availability: Seen on only at least 13 shows from 1975-1995.
Scare Factor:None.

2nd Logo
Logo:On a dreamy red-orange sky background(ala KingWorld 1998),the words "EnderWonder" appear one letter at a time. "PRODUCTIONS" fade in below.
FX:The flipping of "EnderWonder" and the fading of "PRODUCTIONS"
Trivia:This logo is recreated every 2 years.
Music/Sounds:A dreamy tune but similar to the Maze Pictures 1990 logo.
Availability:Common,still on DVD re-releases of the shows of the time.

Scare Factor:Low.

3rd Logo
Logo:We see a sunset scene. We zoom out,then we face up,then we moveforward and up to the sky. The text "ENDER-WONDER" appears and rotates up to the sky one-by-one. Everything slowly stops. The sky looks just like the one on the last logo. "PRODUCTIONS" is already there floating in the sky.
Music/Sounds:A reorchestrated version of last logo theme.
Scare Factor:None.

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