Dream Logos Based on Real Companies

CBS News (2048)

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment (2011)

Background: By Popular Demand, Sony Pictures Decided To Make Their DVD's and Blu-Rays Under Columbia TriStar Again.


Nicknames: Tristar Similarity, Blue C+T, Columbia TriStar:The Return

Logo: On a dark turquoise/blue/black room (appears to have a backdrop of several blue TriStar Clouds), a big shining light zooms towards us, thus filling the entire screen.
as the light fades out, we see the Columbia Torch Lady and a New Looking TriStar Pegasus Zooming Towards Us in front of two yyellowish clouds. As both logos are still zooming in, the torch lady's light brightens up to fill the screen again then as it fades out, we see Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment in a bold Times font (Columbia TriStar is on top and Home Entertainment on the bottom.

Trivia: The logo is based on the last Columbia TriStar HE Logo and the Gaumont Columbia TriStar Films Logo

FX/SFX: The lights at the beginning and middle, the logos zooming in, and the torch lady's lady shimmering

Cheesy Factor: The blue clouds on the back are just many TriStar clouds scattered around and the Columbia cloud is just the TriStar cloud taller and backwards

Music/Sounds:The Sony Pictures Entertainment Music

Availibilty: New and Common, appears on all Columbia TriStar DVD and Blu-Rays

Scare Factor: Low, unless the light and music startle you

Paramount Famous Studios

Nicknames: Majestic Famous Mountain, F/\MOUS, Paramount F(mountain)MOUS
Logo: We see the mountain from the 2002 paramount logo minus the stars, the Paramount script, the (R)/TM mark nor the byline, but on a blue daylight sky. We begin to pan to the left and zoom out of the mountain as F and MOUS emerges, letter by letter, from the left side and the right side of the mountain, respectively. After we set in the final position, the Paramount script fades in above F/\MOUS along with a line between F/\MOUS and Paramount. Then another line fades in below F/\MOUS, along with the Viacom byline below said line.
FX/SFX: The panning, the moving of the letters and the fade in of the script, lines and bylines.
Cheesy Factor: Not really, this is a nice logo.
Music/Sounds: The fanfare used in the 2012 logo of Paramount Pictures.
Availability: Commonly new, seen in new Paramount Famous releases.
Scare Factor: None, unless the music catches some people off-guard. Other than that, nice logo.