DinosaurGuy International Media Services, Inc.

DinosaurGuy International Media Services Communications, Inc. (formerly Walk the Dinosaur Studios and DinosaurGuy Productions (full name DinosaurGuy Production Company of Minnesota)) was founded in January 30, 2008, for creating and producing popular series on YouTube. DinosaurGuy International was bought by Lionsgate Entertainment on July 19 of the same year, until The Walt Disney Company bought DinosaurGuy International Media and its affiliates from Lionsgate on August 18, 2009 after Viacom's failed attempt to acquire DinosaurGuy International Media. Disney now holds the rights to nearly all the DinosaurGuy Productions shows, including the international dub of the Domo All-Stars series (in association with NHK), Toy Adventures (including the Mutant Toys saga), and The Invincible Metallic Squid, while Sony Corporation holds the rights to the remaining DinosaurGuy shows. Starting in April 21, 2010, after Creativity bought Argosy Media, DinosaurGuy International Media Services distributes most of Argosy Media's TV series.

1st Logo

DinosaurGuy International Media Services, Inc. (2010)DinosaurGuy Productions, Inc. (2008)

Logo: Against a skyline of Minneapolis, St. Paul, we see the "D" rotating to the center in a rainbow streak. Then, the rainbow streak lines out of the logo. After that, the "D" flashes to blue and the words "DinosaurGuy Production Company of Minnesota, Inc." in black flash in below. Starting in late 2009, "DinosaurGuy International Media Services, Inc." and "A Walt Disney Company" appear (the former byline replacing "DinosaurGuy Production Company of Minnesota, Inc.")

FX/SFX: The rotating of the D to center, the colors lining out of the logo, the flash of the "D".


In Chao Adventure, the "D" is replaced by a Chao's head.

An extremely rare variant appeared on "Rick Astley's Greatest Hits" (owned by Sony) with a white "D".

Music/Sounds: Here are the main music variants used on this logo:

Generally, an instrumental version of the Rick Astley song "Just Good Friends", complete with a laser-like whoosh sound, and ending with a sound similar to that of the "Pokemon Company" logo.

On Dissidia: TV, YouTube Poop & Movie Crossover, the jingle was replaced by the WXXI fanfare.

In other cases, it used the closing theme of the show, or none.

Availability: Preserved on just about every DinosaurGuy International Media Services release.

Scare factor: None to minimal; This is a cute logo.