Channel 921 Jamaris Channel

History:Channel 921 was formed in 1967 and as in 1988 Jamari Jay bought it.In 2004 The Jim Henson Company bought it and it went bankrupt.

1st ID [1988]-1989]

ID:On a green background out of no whrere the cursive writing says in Green Channel 921 Jamari Jay


Cheesy Factor:Still logos are always boring

Music Sounds:none

Availiblty:Myth:On Vhs,Laserdisc,and video tape,and 16mm It got plastered by The last Hanna Barbara logo

Scary Factor:None To High:The sudden words fraked a lot out

2nd and last ID [1990]-2003

Logo plane words that say Channel 921


Cheesy factor:none

Music/Sound None


Scare Factor None

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