Chalkboard Productions (Japan)


Nicknames: “The Chalkboard”, “The Cliff Logo”

Logo: On a
black background with a chalkboard drawn version of the opening sequence, the word “Chalkboard” in a really childish font is formed. “PRODUCTIONS” appears below the name and a line above it, then "Presents", and and a red eraser/rubber rubs out the text.

Variant: There’s a variant that reads “A Chalkboard PRODUCTION” at the end of many of the company’s shows, sometimes with copyright info below.

FX/SFX: The text appears and the eraser/rubber.

Cheesy Factor: Medium, the animation looks more like it was done on Flipnote Studio.

Music/Sounds: A deep voice humming part of the show's theme, ending with a dramatic key. The end version usually has the end theme of the show playing over it. And on some shows, a familiar voiceover (Jason Griffith) says "Discovering the secret of my past will be nearly impossible... I'll take those odds."

Availability: Can be seen on home video releases of The Cliff. Also showed up on The Cliff Dead Tales on The Hatena Channel, as well as episodes of In Training and The Cliff Storytime, both on HatenaTeenz. Season 1-5 Episodes of The Cliff on The Hatena Channel also have this as well. The voiceover version is found on episodes of The New Teletubbies co-produced by Chalkboard Productions and on the second revival of the Magic School Bus.

Scare Factor: Low; the deep voice humming the music and the dramatic key may startle some, but people might expect The Cliff to come on. Low for the voiceover variant too, especially if you were expecting the normal logo and wind up with this.

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