1st Logo:
Carolco2x (2009)

Logo: It's very similar to the '88 Carolco logo. Ok, so on a black BG, a green line (actually a laser) comes down and makes loops, leaves a trail, which makes the Carolco logo.
After a second, the words "CAROLCO" in the Carolco font, and in CGI, zooms out. Then "2X" fades in under. Two squares (red and yellow) flip to surround the "2X", which then turns green and blue, respectivly. Later "a SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT
company" byline fades in.

  • On anime releases (Like Akenayo: The Bloody Sword of Life and Death), the line/laser is blue.
  • From January-March 2008, there's no byline.
  • An ending variant exists, where we see the company's print logo, with the text "A Presentation of" above the logo

FX: Good CGI not from Carloco2X, but from Sony Pictures Animation.

Music: A reorcastrated version of the '88 Carolco music with a few lazer sounds.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo:
Nicknames: "Updated 2X"

Carolco 2x (2010)

Logo: Same As The Last Logo, But "2x" Doesn't Flip In On Boxes, And Looks Different.

FX: Again, Awesome CGI By Sony Pictures Animation

Music\Sound Effects: Same as Logo 1.

Availability: Current. First Seen On Newly Dead. Still Version First Seen On Muffins vs. Cupcakes: The Movie.

Scare Factor: None For The Still Version, 1/100 For The Animated Version.