Breil-newpage Entertainment

1st Logo

Logo:On a white background,we see the text "Distributed by". Then it zooms out revealing its part of a book. The book closes,the cover has the text "BREIL-newpage". The book fades out,except the text. The text shines. Then "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in below the text,making it read:
on a black background.


Music/Sounds:The ending theme of the show.


Scare Factor:None to low.

2nd Logo
Logo:On a black BG,a "book being opened" motif and text that reads "BREIL-newpage" fades in.

FX:Just the fading. Extremely boring.

Variant:There is a variant which brings a bit of excitement,which is nicknamed "The Animated (2D?) Book". In this variant,the book is animated, starts with a plain (very) thick line,then revealed to be a book by opening it to the left,while the text is not animated.


Availability:Ultra-common. Plasters every single old logos from re-airings of old shows,even on DVDs,even though some retain their logos.

Scare Factor:Low to medium.

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