Breil Channel

:Background:Breil Channel is formed in 1954.

1st Logo/ID

Logo:Just the words:

in white zooming in on a black BG.

Variant:From 1962-1966,INC. replaces LTD.

FX:The zooming.

Music/Sounds:A drumroll.

Availability:Extinct on TV,last seen on the 2004 Breil made-for-TV special 50 Years of Breil Channel:A History Of Its Life.

Scare Factor:Minimal.

2nd Logo/ID

:A red box appears,another appears in green,another in blue,another in orange,another in yellow,finally another also in red. The box then morphs into the word BREIL. Another box appears at the bottom of it in blue,following the 'appearing by color' sequence before. Then the box morphs into CHANNEL,in COLOUR appears at the bottom of it.

Variant:For the US,in COLOUR is replaced by in COLOR. The US variant debuted in 1967 and the main logo debuted in 1974.

FX:The box appearing,the color of the box "switching" and the morphing. in COLOUR appears

Music/Sounds:A remix of the NET 1966 theme.

Availability:Still extinct on TV.

Scare Factor:None.

3rd Logo/ID

Logo:Same as the WGN-TV 9 Chicago 1979 logo,only with a few differences,25 replaces the 9 logo (the WGN logo from 1977 which consisted of a 9 with an thick outlined circle enclosing it) "1954-1979,25 YEARS OF BREIL CHANNEL",in a zooming and spinning in a circular way just like the WOR 9 New York logo from the 70s,replaces "WGN TV CHICAGO"

Variant:Originally it is 1979 instead of 25,and "BREIL CHANNEL,25 YEARS OF SERVICE" instead of "1954-1979,25 YEARS OF BREIL CHANNEL". It is aired from Feb 12 1979 to Feb 18 1979. Breil Channel called this logo variant "the 25 Years early logo"

FX:Same as the WGN TV 9 Chicago 1979 logo.

Music/Sounds:A 10 note trumpet tune followed by a drumroll then a cymbal 'crash'.

Availability:Same as last logo.

Scare Factor:Minimal.

4th Logo/ID

Logo:The globe design at the time in gold zooms out while spinning,leaving blue trails. The trails stays in its place and does not fade out until the end of logo. BREIL CHANNEL in gray fades in below the globe. The globe shines 4 times,then we fade out.

FX:Just primitive 80s effects just like the 80s WOR-TV 9 in Seacaucus,NJ ident did.

Music/Sounds:A 7-note synth tune.

Availability:Same as the last 2 logos.

Scare Factor:None.

5th Logo/ID

Logo:Just BREIL stretching in from the left and CHANNEL zooming out. on a black BG.

FX:Very simple animation

Cheesy Factor:Yes,the cheesy factor level is "Cheese Me" because its highly simple animation and the whole logo looks very bad.

Music/Sounds:A remix of the Warner Bros. TV 1972 theme.

Availability:Extremely rare to find. In NY,NJ,Chicago,and Philadelphia cities' tape stores they have VHS copies of shows distributed by Breil Channel when produced by another television network during 1984-1988,so you can buy and see it on there.

Scare Factor:None.

6th Logo/ID

Logo:Same as the Oct. 1985-2009 Breil Entertainment logo,and at the end of said logo,

(globe design of the time)BREIL

FX:Same as the Oct. 1985-2009 Breil Entertainment logo.

Music/Sounds:A slightly remixed Oct. 1985-2009 Breil Entertainment logo theme.

Availability:Common on 1989-96 show series DVDs created between 2002-2004.

Scare Factor:Same as the said Breil Entertainment logo.

7th Logo/ID

8th Logo/ID

9th Logo/ID

10th Logo/ID

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