Breil Entertainment Group

1st Logo

2nd Logo

3rd Logo

4th Logo

5th Logo
(February 19,2008-)

:On a marble black BG (ala CBS-Fox Video),the following logos specially-made appears:

  • Breil Films (the familliar logo:the globe with the text BREIL FILMS at the bottom of it)
  • Breil Entertainment (the current logo,in silhouette)
  • Breil Television (the 2004 logo,the 2004-2009 variant,also in silhouette)
  • Breil Channel(the 1999 globe logo design with BREIL on left of it and CHANNEL on right of it)
  • Jokester(a jukebox with HAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the right of it and JOKESTER at the bottom of the jukebox)
  • Breil Classicals(a stylized drawing of a photo album book with BREIL CLASSICALS at the bottom of it)
  • Overriden Entertainment (a stylized drawing of gears broken with OVERRIDEN circling the top of it and ENTERTAINMENT at the bottom of it.
Then the logos flip away and ARE PART OF: fades in,and then zooms in one-by-one while disappearing. BREIL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP forms,and Earth,spinning,fades in at the top of it.

Variants:The Earth may be replaced by the 1999 abstract globe logo design zooming in.

FX:The logos appearing,the flipping,zooming and Earth spinning.

Music/Sounds:A starry tune,completely different to the Oct. '85-'09 Breil Entertainment logo.

Availability:Extremely rare,because this was seen only on 2008/09 corporate DVDs,and a few of them a released on North Carolina and Wisconsin DVD stores.

Scare Factor:Minimal to Low,depends on the animation and music frightens you or not.