Bravo Television (UK)

After six years when Bravo was taken off the air, Living TV Group decided to reboot the channel in 2017 and go back to its roots. It now shows Sci-Fi and horror content as it did in its early days.

Variants of the 1997 logo (2017-present):

Note: The 1997 logo was remastered for today's television displays, and new controversial variants of the logo have been created.

Billywws' variants:

Variant 1:

"The Husky", "Ski-Mask", "Dog Killer", "The Armed Burglar"

Logo: After a few seconds with a blue smoky background, reminiscent of the 1997 logos, we cut to a scene of a suburban street at night. A man wearing a ski mask (presumably a burglar) and holding a shotgun strolls towards a house, and comes across a husky dog. The dog turns its head towards the man, before we cut to a closeup of the man's face. The man cocks the shotgun, then after a small closeup of the dog, the smoky background shows up again, implying the dog has been shot. After that, the generic Bravo logo appears.

FX/SFX: CGI for the smoke, and live-action.

Sound effects which correspond to the subject matter, such as the gunshot, the dog whining, and the second sound effect to the Bravo logo. We also hear a faint atmospheric synth note in the background.

Appears before or after some programs on Bravo.

Editor's Note:
This logo will definitely upset animal lovers due to the dog being shot, as well as unsettling most because of the darkness. This is not suitable for television due to cruelty to animals.

FMVideoFTWVIDFTL's Variants:

Variant 1:

Nicknames:"The Dead Fox", Poisoned Bone"

Logo:On a black background with a spotlight, we see a dead fox with flies swarming over it, with a green-tinted bone that implies the fox was poisoned by it, next to its body. After that, the generic Bravo logo appears.

Trivia:The fox isn't actually dead. The creators used a sleeping fox and put some fake flies over it. The bone is a plastic one.

FX/SFX:Live action.

Music/Sounds:The flies buzzing with a creepy synth theme and the second sound effect to the Bravo logo.

Availability:See above.

Editor's Note:The image of the poisoned fox is bound to upset animal lovers (at least if they don't know the fox's sleeping), and the music and darkness don't help.

Variant 2:

Nicknames:"Bad Man"

Logo:We watch a man in shadow enter a young girl's bedroom at night. After he gets there, we see him approaching the girl, leaning over her, and moving back and forth, implying he raped her. The man looks around for witnesses, puts a pillow over the girl's head as she starts to wake up, and smiles evilly at the camera when her body goes limp. After that, the generic Bravo logo appears.

FX/SFX:Live action.

Music/Sounds:A creepy synth theme, the footsteps, the man grunting, the girl's muffled screams, and the second sound effect to the Bravo logo.

Availability:See above.

Editor's Note:The music and subject matter, as usual, are very upsetting.


Variant 1:

Nickname(s): "Meat"

Logo: We see a close-up of a man's mouth. He appears to be eating some kind of meat (looks to be a drumstick). The man clenches his teeth as he pulls his now detached arm to his mouth and begins eating it. The generic Bravo logo follows soon after.

FX/SFX: Live-action with an obvious use of props.

Music/Sounds: The sound of chewing, and a snap when he rips his arm off.

Availability:See above.

Editor's Note: This variant's a lot more tame than other known variants.


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