Blah Entertainment

Background: This film company was made in 1975 as "Blah Pictures" and in 1993, the company was renamed to "Blah Entertainment". The company din't use a logo until 1977.


Nickname(s): "The Orange Head", "The Creepy Head"

Logo: On a black (or dark blue) background, we see a line drawing a head facing to the left. When the line is done drawing, the head fills in color. Then "BLAH" in cyan writes in next to the head.


  • 1977-1982: The line/head is orange and "BLAH" is written in the Times font.
  • 1982-1990: The line/head is a little smaller and "BLAH" is now written in the Arial font.
  • 1990-2000: The animation was recreated and the line/head is now yellow.
  • 2000-: "BLAH" is now bold.
  • There is a short variant were it starts with the word "BLAH" writting in.
  • There is a variant were "PRESENTS" appears when "BLAH" is done writting. This variant was only seen in the 1980 film A Long Night.
FX/SFX: Everything.
Music/Sounds: A dramatic fanfare, then somebody saying "Blah?". In 1990, the fanfare was replaced with another dramatic fanfare.
Availability: Can be seen on movies made by Blah Entertainment.
Scare Factor: Medium to high. The head, dark background, music and voice may surprise first-time viewers. Low to medium with the 1990 music.

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