Bart Simpson Productions

Background: Bart Simpson Productions is a company founded by Nancy Cartwright.

1st Logo
Bart Simpson Pictures (1989-1994)

Nicknames: "Notebook Page"

Logo: We see a notebook page. Then, we see Bart's hand write:

Bart Pictures

Then, Bart draws a picture of the top of his head. The logo fades out to black.

FX: The cartoon-ish animation.

Music/Sounds: We hear sounds of Bart's teacher Edna Krabappel speaking, and we also hear a pencil at work.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Buzz Off Nelson.

Scare Factor: Minimal, the size of Bart's hand closeup can catch some people off guard, but otherwise its a good logo.

2nd Logo
Bart Simpson Pictures (1994-1999)

Nicknames: "Vandalism" "Spray Paint"

Logo: We see Bart taking out a stick of spray paint. Then, Bart spray paints the company's name (shortened to Bart Simp.). Bart says the company name, and walks away.

FX: The spray paint and the cartoon effects.

Music/Sounds:The sounds of spray paint and Bart saying "Bart Simpson Pictures".

Availability: Rare. Seen on Homer Sucks and Waylon Smithers Was Here.

Scare Factor: None.

3rd Logo
BSP (1999-2005)

Logo: We see Bart Simpson Productions written in chalk. Then, we zoom out to see that Bart wrote it about 6 times on the chalk board. When he looks at the camera suspiciously, he chuckles quietly and the logo fades to black a few seconds after.

FX: The cartoon animation.

Music/Sounds: Bart chuckling quietly.

Availability: Common. Seen on all 1999-2005 BSP releases, and also has been seen on The Life of Ned Flanders: Untamed and Uncut for DVD.

Scare Factor: Minimal, Bart's quiet chuckle can startle some.

4th Logo

BSP (2005-2007)

Logo: We see a vortex background in black and white. We see an explosion which turns it into a yellow color. Bart fades in, along wth Bart,Simpson and Pictures. The logo fades to black.

FX: The vortex background and the fade in effects.

Music/Sounds: An orchestral excerpt from the Simpsons theme.

Availability: Ultra-rare,but a print has been seen on Grampa Dies.

Scare Factor: None.

5th Logo
Bart Simpson Productions (2007-2011)

Nicknames: "The Notebook Page Strikes Back" "Notebook Page 2" "Return of the Notebook Page" "Notebook Page 2000" "Notebook Page in Even More Living Color" "Colored 1989 BSP Logo" "El Barto Productions" "EBP"

Logo: We see the 1989 BSP logo being drawn by Bart. Then he writes "EL" and an O in red. The drawing of Bart's head is now in color. Then bart says a voiceover.

FX: The cartoon effects by 20th Century Fox (duh).

Music/Sound Variants: Different voiceovers are used for this logo.

  • Bart says "This is a Bart Simpson Production, made just for all of you. Enjoy the show."
  • Bart says at the end "That was a Bart Simpson Production. Hoped ya liked it."
  • A rare variant is the same logo without the voiceover.
  • Another rare variant is for TV showings. Bart says "This is a Bart Simpson Production, on the TV channel (name of channel). Closed captioning is available. Enjoy the show."
  • For DVD rental releases, Bart says "This is a Bart Simpson Productions DVD rental distributed to you by (name of rental company, Blockbuster, Netflix, Redbox,etc.). Enjoy."
  • For DVD releases, Bart says "This is a Bart Simpson DVD production. Enjoy the show."

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: Minimal, the voiceover can get to some.

6th Logo
Bart Simpson Productions (2011)

Nicknames: "The B" "Big B" "Yellow B" " The BSP B"

Logo: We see the yellow color filling up the whole screen. Then we see a reflection of a city (a la Warner Bros Pictures) and then Bart. We zoom out to see a yellow B with Bart in the Comic Sans MS font under it. The B and Bart zoom out until we see red. The backround turns grey, blue,then green, and the logo ends.


Cheesy Factor: Cheese Me! This logo is very good looking.

Music/Sounds: We here a whoosh sound when we zoom out to see the B, then when the logo changes from grey to blue to green, we hear the 1965 NBC snake logo chimes.

Availibility: Brand new. Seen on I Hate My Life: Season 11 on DVD.

Scare Factor: Medium, the whoosh sound and the 1965 NBC snake chimes can scare some people.