Art Shed Films (Canada)

Ast Shed Films is a dream logo original on Canada. Much things are the best.

1st logo
Art Shed Films (2001)
Nickname: "The gold line"
Logo: On a blue-sky background, we see the letter "ART" coming now. An then, the letter "Shed" is zooming in. But the letter "ART" is zooming out. The WhiteLaser is appear and fade out. The letters "ART", "Shed" and "Films" is coming now. And the gold line is appear.
FX/SFX: Laser luminous.
Cheesy Factor: Shader Withe on a block.
Music/Sounds: Together Again Video Productions
Availability:On this movies.
Scare Factor: High. But no everyone.
2nd logo
Description coming soon!

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