Background: Alchemist is the North American company that was founded in 1979 by Chris Spinnich's brother, Calvin Spinnich. The company was only used to produce English dubs of several anime series that is distributed by Miyuu Studios'.

1st Logo
(1982-January 31, 1991, September 20, 2013)

Nickname: "I AM NOT CALVIN!"

Logo: On the black background, we see a weird black silhouette in the center of the white box with red "ALCHEMIST" text and a white switch. It flips the switch to reveal that the silhouette is Mewtwo (from the 1985 animated Pocket Monsters shorts) as the black background turns white. He then flies away quickly.

  • On The Adventures of Yoshi's Island, the background is pink instead of black.
  • On The Adventures of Yoshi's Island episode "Inflation Curiosity", Mewtwo says "Abra-Kadabra!" and claps his hand, but Abra's voice says "You don't say the magic word, Mewtwo!" Mewtwo then says "Curses!" before flying away.
  • On early episodes of Miyuu, Mewtwo wears an armor.
  • On the pilot episodes of The Adventures of Yoshi's Island, The Ryo the Cat Show and Miyuu, Mewtwo says "I'm outta here!" without laughing.
  • On The Ryo the Cat Show episode "Scat Cat", Mew replaces Mewtwo and says "Lights On!" before flipping the switch.
  • On The Ryo the Cat Show episode "King Namix", instead of flipping the switch, Mewtwo shoots a Shadow Ball at the top to turn the lights off. Also, there is no sound.
  • On The Crazy Show, Mewtwo is nowhere to be seen.
  • On the pilot episode of Miyuu's World, the logo animates as normal, except Mewtwo runs in and sits on the floor.

FX/SFX: The Japanese animation, which is animated by Toei Animation studios.

Cheesy Factor: This logo looks like it has been a rip-off of many episode intros from the later animated series, Doug.

Music/Sounds: The female announcer saying "This is the production of Alchemist, produced by Calvin Spinnich himself", which is then followed by Mewtwo yelling "I AM NOT CALVIN!" and laughs as he flies away.

Availability: Seen on the English dubs of many anime shows that are originally produced by Miyuu Studios.

Scare Factor: Depending on the variant:
  • Medium for the original variant due to laughing. Also, the strange silhouette may freak you out by the first time you see it.
  • Low for many variants.

2nd Logo
(January 31, 1991-)

Nickname: "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Hey! It's Sonic!"

Logo: Over the years, the logo has been tweaked colorwise and according to certain shows, but here's the basic concept: On the green background, we see the same "ALCHEMIST" text from the first logo (but blue) with Sonic the Hedgehog on the top of it. He gives us his thumbs-up pose.

Music/Sounds: Just Sonic saying "Heads Up!" when he gives us thumbs-up. Starting in 1999, the song "City Escape" from Sonic Adventure 2 was added before Sonic's thumbs-up pose.

Variants: One thing that the Alchemist logo was known for was that often, it would be custom variant made for whatever show it appeared at the end of. This means Sonic's appearance would sometimes be different, usually involving him "wearing" a costume, doing some action, or saying something other than "Heads Up!". Sometimes, there is two or more characters beside Sonic appeared in the logo. Here are those variants:
  • Miyuu: Sonic ran off, saying "Bye!"
  • The Ryo the Cat Show: Sonic wears a cat costume.
  • On Scats!, Sonic dances the same way as the Mushroom Girls from the 1986 animated film, The Elm-Chanted Forest, and says "I got the power!" before he ran off.
  • Starting 1999, Sonic was redesigned to match his modern artwork since Sonic Adventure. Starting 2014, Sonic was in CGI and redesigned in the Sonic Boom-style.
  • Cecil's Adventure: On the pre-"Cecil's New World" episodes, Sonic is not there. An off-screen voice says, "Where's Sonic?". On the post-"Cecil's New World" episodes, Sonic jumps up and says "I'm Back!".
  • David and Goliath: Sonic automatically transforms into Super Sonic and flies away. This was seen after the CVS logo.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog Show: Same as usual, but on the 2nd episode, Sonic's voice sounds like a little kid. On Episode 71, Sonic is replaced by the image of Tails, saying "And that's the wrap!", a line spoken by somebody during that episode.
  • How Bowser Koopa Stole Easter! and Valentine's Day is Bowser's Day: Bowser pops out of nowhere and attacks Sonic.
  • Miyuu's World: Each episode (except the pilot and the episode "Miyuu's Christmas") featured Sonic saying "Heads Up!" in Miyuu Aria's voice. On the final episode, Sonic yells "STOP THAT MADNESS!"
  • Ryo the Cat: The Festival of All Magic: Sonic does the idle animation in the similar fashion to the one of his idle poses in all Sonic Advance games. Also, he doesn't say "Heads Up!".
  • Trauma Center: Sonic wears a scrub suit and a surgical mask. On the final episode, he is hooked on life support on a hospital bed throughout the last credit roll. The credits run as usual over a picture of Sonic, with life support equipment attached on either side. You can hear the beeps of the heart monitor over the end theme, too. After the credits complete, the company name fades in and Sonic flatlines and dies, with a long, high-pitched beep heard. This variation is especially rare, as reruns of the finale plastered it over with the typical credits.
  • Hello Kitty and Me: Sonic wears a top hat.
  • On Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Misfit Toys of Christmastown, Sonic wears a Santa hat and says "Merry Christmas!"
  • The logo (with just Sonic saying "Heads Up!") recently made an appearance within the Flint the Time Detective episode "Bubblegum".
  • Sonic the Hedgehog became an official mascot of Alchemist due to the fact he appears in some Myuu Studios shows.
FX/SFX: Same as the first logo.
Availability: Common. Again, this was found on many anime shows that are originally produced by Miyuu Studios.

Scare Factor: Low; the silence and Sonic saying "Heads Up!" might catch a few people by surprise. Plus, there's the factor of not knowing what Sonic will look like per program. Other than that, it's mostly an awesome logo. Medium to High for the Trauma Center variant.

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