ABC Globe Association

Background: The ABC Globe Association is a company that was founded on December 5th, 1985. However they din't use a logo until 1986.

1st Logo
(March 16, 1986-)
ABC Globe Association (1992)ABC Globe Association (2001)
Nicknames: "The ABC Globe Logo" "The Other ABC Logo in the Space"

On a space background, we see an 3D globe zooming in slowly and rotating. When the globe stops zooming, "abc" appears with a flash. Underneath, "GLOBE" appears, then "ASSOCIATION" in an childish-like font unfolds underneath letter by letter. "Association" then shines.

Starting in October 2001, the logo was re-done for HD. The starfield and flash looks re-done, and the word "Association" looks smaller and is on a Arial font.

FX/SFX: The globe, the flashing, the fading, shining.

Cheese Factor:
High, because of the BG and the animation. For the 2001 variant, none.

An disco-like fanfare, with an choir saying "Association!" at the end.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • In the HD version, the music is re-mastered.
  • On many shows, the choir is high-pitched.

Found on ABC shows in syndication.

Scare Factor:
It depends on the version.

  • Low to medium, because of the cheap animation and music.
  • Medium for the high-pitched choir variant.
  • Mininum for the HD variant, this version is not cheap all the time.

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